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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


It rained heavily in the night, carried on raining in the morning and worsened as the day progressed. Not the best weather for a viewing though it was a second viewing by the couple who came last Saturday. We got the impression they really liked the place but once again it's a matter of would the place suit the mother as well. And of course they may well find somewhere else that suits their needs better.
There wasn't a single leaf here yesterday evening and it was too wet to go out and clear up the leaves today. The viewing wasn't until late in the afternoon which gave us plenty of time to do the usual tidying up. Once the couple had left there wasn't much time to fit in the exercise bike but it got done as I would hate to break my routine. I'm one of those people who finds it very easy to put off doing things but once I'm in a routine I can be quite determined. I reached my next diet goal today, one and a half stones lost. Another half stone off would be wonderful and keep me in the lower half of the healthy BMI for my height and age. I'm going to give up dieting when I reach 80. My plan is to eat everything then and fill out all the inevitable wrinkles. Or maybe not.


happyone said...

Your house is just perfect for someone out there!!
We've had lots of rain and sun.
Seems keeping weight down is a never ending battle. At times I feel like just eating anything too. : ) I like your idea when turning 80! 😊

harada57 said...
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