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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Low Clouds.

Yesterday we drove home through the clouds sitting atop our hills and this morning they were still here. It wasn't until the afternoon (below) that the clouds lifted above the trees with a fine drizzle still falling through the warm air. Yesterday had worn the two of us out so we had a leisurely start to the day. For me that meant cups of coffee, The Archers and then my morning exercises.    
The first of my indoor jobs was to use some of the rest of the hair bleach/dye to lighten up the bottom 8" of my hair a bit more. I remember from the last time I ombre'd my hair that it reaches a point where it just won't get any lighter. I also don't want to do too much damage to my hair. After all my hair effort on Friday when it came to  Green Man Day the constant showers turned my hair into an unruly wild frizz and when I'm at home I keep my hair plaited and off my face with a hair wrap/neck tube thing. So it probably doesn't matter what colour my hair is.
I also planned to go through one side of the big wooden cupboard with a view to seeing what could go but when I looked inside there were a couple of things to put away elsewhere and almost nothing to give away. On the plus side when I was up in the room we are using for storage I came across one of the boxes of glasses from the loft that can go straight to the charity shop.

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