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Thursday, 10 November 2016

A Town Day.

It's been another busy day. As we had people coming to view the house in the afternoon our morning was spent tidying and hiding stuff away. I had a dental check up at midday so off I went to town. The check up was okay, just a tiny bit of gum was inflamed so there was some cleaning to do round that tooth. The dentist also filled in the big hole in my front tooth which had broken when I bit into a peach and as 2 more of my top teeth were getting worn away due to the way I eat with fewer teeth she rebuilt those teeth too. She said the fillings will wear away eventually but that's better than wearing down the teeth. She's also referred me back to the hospital as I still get the same pains and nerve tingling that I've had for a long time. So far 2 teeth have been taken out and I had to have my jaw debrided with little or no change to those pains. There might have been problems with those teeth anyway but I wonder. I'd rather the consultant at the hospital tried to sort it out now.
After my visit to the dentist I dropped into the Lidl's that is almost next door to the dentist. I've already started stockpiling some goodies for Christmas. Today I got some amaretti biscuits, marzipan logs and chocolate. Then I drove to my doctor's to pick up an x-ray form for the hospital and make an appointment to see my GP once the x-rays are done. I didn't fancy having an 8.30 appointment so made the appointment for 10 days time at a more civilised hour.
Coming back through town I parked in a street that has 1 hour free parking, went to the library and popped into a few shops. This shop sells vintage and retro clothes and I thought these crystal encrusted flapper dresses were gorgeous. Perfect for the party season - if you're the sort of person who goes to a lot of parties. I did buy some comfy lightweight fleece pyjama/lounging bottoms from Primark to wear in these colder evenings.
Finally I went up to the hospital for an x-ray of my foot. I was only in the hospital for 20 minutes which I thought was pretty good going. 
We had a rainy morning but the sun came out for the viewing. It was the wife who came because the husband was ill and Peter noticed that she was having difficulty walking up the small slope of the garden. He said it looked as if she was having trouble with her knees in which case this isn't the place for her.

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