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Sunday, 27 November 2016


It was a dry day so we decided to take ourselves off for a walk around Morte Point. Unlike last week it was no sunnier at the coast than at home but it was good to be out. Fewer people out walking this weekend. We stopped at our usual bench for a cup of coffee. Today that was the sheltered side of the headland and it was only as we went around the point that the wind hit us. 

After our walk we stopped at the Ilfracombe Tesco's as we were almost out of milk. We freeze our milk and I don't always remember to check how much we have left in the depths of our big chest freezer. Once home I worked outside clearing more debris from the bog garden path and from the plant beds. While I don't think the astilbes would suffer from a 1ft blanket of leaves, mud and twigs it does make the bog garden look messy. I could have dumped all the debris in the stream to be carried into our neighbour's lake but that wouldn't have been very neighbourly. Instead I put the debris at the foot of the steep bank on the far side of the stream hoping to encourage more plants to soften the impact of the bare bank.

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