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Monday, 21 November 2016


Although it was raining steadily this morning (and continued all day) it wasn't the torrential rain I feared and I didn't have to go with my back-up plan of taking Peter's Rav when I went for my early appointment at the doctor's. This was to discuss the x-rays I had taken of my foot. There's no sign of any injury or old break to the bone which was something I thought might have been the cause of my funny toe. Apparently the chap I saw at the hospital earlier was a senior orthotic something or other and the next step is a referral to see the podiatrist. If he can't help then I wait for a further referral to the orthopaedic people. My doctor thinks my toe problem might be due to the tendon doing something funny and perhaps a splint might help to straighten it out. 
After my doctor's appointment I did various bits of shopping in the rain including going to the High Street.  I was lucky to find this giant ball of wool in the right colour and weight for my crochet project in the in the oddments basket at Banbury's our local department shop.
Before work I dropped my car in at the garage for a winter service. When I went to pick it up I had to wait 15 minutes because they put in the wrong code into the keypad and you have to wait until you try again. Also they told me I had been running the car with almost no oil in! The warning light had flashed once but I thought that meant the oil was getting low, surely the light should have been on all the time? Perhaps in future I'll check the oil as well as the water.
After a day of rain there were quite a few small floods across the roads on the way home. I just drove through slowly and hoped I'd remembered which bit of the road was the highest.

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