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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Foot Sore.

Today was a no teaching day for me but I did have an appointment at the hospital which was sort of productive but also infuriating. Back in February I had gone to my GP about my little toe which was turning in and almost felt as if the bone was trying to poke through the skin. She looked at it and said she would refer me to the hospital. At the end of June I had a letter asking me to make an appointment but each time I rang I was passed from one hospital to another. Finally today I had my appointment. Hooray! I thought as it's getting a bit cold to walk around in flip-flops. However today's appointment was only with the podiatrist. He looked at my feet and they're slightly pronate so he's given me some insoles to wear in my Uggs which tend to press on my little toe at the moment. He also gave me a couple of catalogues for extra wide shoes and boots which are not bad but I want to sort out my toe first. As to the toe he couldn't give an opinion and I would need to see the orthopaedic doctor. But he couldn't refer me directly even though it's in the same hospital and I need my GP to refer me. I guess that'll be another long wait. As soon as I got home I rang the surgery to arrange to speak to my doctor over the phone but that won't be until next Tuesday!
After my appointment I went into town on my search for plastic plant labels only to find that the 2 shops that normally have them put away all their gardening items yesterday. The lady in Bitz did go and check for me but she couldn't find any. On-line it will have to be. I did get a new battery put in my watch and bought a couple of Christmas gifts and some extra vegetables for tomorrow's still life pictures.
It has been a mostly grey day and the temperature is slowly dropping.  

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