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Friday, 4 November 2016


It was another early start for me which I didn't mind but I wasn't that happy about the rain. It meant that the children didn't get their morning run around the playground which they usually do after the registers are done. That gets rid of some of their excess energy and helps them settle down. I had a whole day of art planned for them which was the sum total of their art for the week as the curriculum has to be got through even in arts' week. I wanted them to try a range of media so some of the children did pen drawings outside, under the shelter as it rained all morning. Other children went in a group to take photos of the school and the rest made collages of some vegetables  or cups and spoons that I had set up as 'still life' exercises. That these children have done so little art this year or last soon became obvious as many struggled to draw simple shapes and cut them out. We also had to get all the children to colour wash a background as a start of their Christmas cards which the school sends off to be printed as a fund raiser. Not too much to do then for the morning.
In the afternoon the children created pictures in a simple style from the morning's photos outlining each shape with orange felt pen before colouring them in. By the time they had been cut out and put on a coloured background they looked a bit more in the Bryan Pearce style.
At the end of the day I stayed on mounting work and printing labels for the display I have to put up in the main school corridor. 
It was gone 5.00 when I went out to my car sitting all on its own in the leaf strewn car park. The camera flash made the leaves look quite dramatic.

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