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Tuesday, 22 November 2016


It was great to wake up this morning and find that it wasn't raining. There's still some flooding on the roads but not as severe as yesterday. There's a spot on the main road (just where I turn off onto the back roads) that regularly floods where the water gets trapped by the bank on the far side. Today as I drove to work half the width of the road was flooded with a highways van parked there and a workman trying to clear the blocked drain. When I came home in the dark at about 5.30 the van was still there with the workman holding up a warning sign for traffic going along the main road. I do hope he doesn't have to stay there all evening.
Out in the garden the rill that takes ground water into the little pond was full of water. It was sad to hear that Tarr Steps had been damaged by the weekend's floods. This stone bridge was built 3,000 years ago with stones weighing up to 2 tons. Hopefully the stones haven't been washed too far away and can be put back into place. We haven't been to Tarr Steps since we walked the Two Moors Way over 30 years ago.
 Tarr Steps.
After school we had some Thrive training which was very helpful to those of us who haven't had the full training. Today was mainly about how to help with children who have attachment issues ie those children who cry when they come to school, a situation which we have all seen many times. One other thing I found useful is the fact that when a child (or adult) flies 'into a rage' the brain is flooded with cortisol which means that the Reptilian Brain over-rules other brain functions and the child is unable to access the other parts of the brain that enable reasoning, emotional empathy etc (emotional coping brain) until the body produces oxytocin  and reduces the cortisol levels. 

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Happyone said...

Glad to hear your rain has finally stopped.
We have a sunny day today, but still cold.