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Thursday, 17 November 2016


After a stormy night it's been a wild and windy day. It was raining lightly while I got my outdoor jobs done then as soon as I went inside the heavens opened. A lovely feeling of having all my jobs done and being able to relax at the PC while the rain lashes down outside.  All through the day we've had heavy rain mixed with a few sunny spells which gave me the chance to do some outside work.
There wasn't much point in continuing clearing the path with so much water around. Instead I swept up leaves from the front patio, picked yet more leaves off the stones and took the 4 garden chairs up to the outbuildings. I had left them out to for when we had the viewings but it's time to keep them out of the weather. 
For the rest of the time I did some tidying around the house. Not having to go to work on Friday's has lifted such a weight from my shoulders. It's only now that I realise how much physical and mental stress that day's work has been putting on me. As it is I've had a relaxed day, got things done and hopefully tomorrow we'll go and enjoy the stormy conditions at the beach.

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Happyone said...

Water is muddy after all the rain.
Enjoy your Friday off. : )