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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Stay Out Mice!

The morning's bright start soon gave way to dark grey clouds and there was a distinctly icy feel to the air. I only tackled one job today apart from the usual daily routine and that was to thoroughly clean out the cupboard under the sink. That's where the kitchen waste bin and cleaning materials live. Apart from a couple of things to throw out and a few more that got reclassified and taken up to the gardening shed it was more a matter of giving everything a wipe over. That cupboard is where we tend to get our winter influx of field mice so a good scrub and wipe down with bleach (oh that lovely clean smell) should at least prevent there being any welcoming food or mousey smells in there. As usual one job lead to another and the kitchen and front doors also got a wipe down.
My habit of not throwing out things that might be useful came in handy today as I dug out my old pair of wooden Scholls to help prevent my slightly pronate feet from getting any worse. These clogs date back to the days before children (so over 30 years ago) when I wore them while teaching. I had a red pair which were my favourites but they did get thrown out a while back as the leather was quite cracked. Both myself and one of the other infant teachers wore these, she came to work on a motor scooter and I cycled to work. Following a fire in our modern single storey infant school we had to move into the old style junior school where we must have must have clattered our way up and down the old stone staircases. I wouldn't risk wearing them to work now in case I might tread on some poor child's foot.

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Happyone said...

Beautiful rose.
I remember those shoes and had a pair myself. : )