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Tuesday, 8 November 2016


The day started off damp and by the afternoon rain had set in. At least this morning it wasn't a uniform grey sky which always seems so depressing but more of a white sky with clouds in shades of grey. (I tried to find a different way of saying that but couldn't come up with a better alternative.)
This morning I picked the leaves off the stones in the raised bed. The beech leaves are still a bright copper colour but the acer leaves are beginning to fade and the other leaves have started to turn a sludgy brown.
At school with the reception children it was phonics followed by 'handwriting' (the letter l) and readers. Some of the children are already writing letters and words very nicely (one little girl writes her name beautifully with lots of extra curlicues which is not approved of by the class teacher) but others needed reminding to actually look at what they were doing. No staff meeting after school so I was able to come straight home where I tackled my greatly overstocked linen cupboard. While I still have more bedding than I need at least I have 2 large bags of duvet covers and pillow cases to take to the charity shop. I've kept a big bag of worn sheets for dust sheets as we may well need them when we store our furniture or do some decorating/repairs in our future home.

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Happyone said...

I love the picture of the fall leaves on the rounded stones. So pretty.
We've been having some really beautiful sunny days. They start out a bit nippy but then turn warm and springlike.