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Saturday, 19 November 2016


I was woken up this morning by a loud crash of thunder which had me jumping out of bed and running down the stairs to disconnect the phone/internet. Despite the hail which kept falling to lie in little drifts across the garden Peter went out early for a rowing session out on the river. It's been a while since he's been fit enough to row so he wasn't going to miss his chance no matter what the weather. One good thing about rowing is that you certainly warm up quickly.
Meanwhile I stayed at home, hid under the duvet for a while and then spent most of the day in the kitchen having an extra clean around the place. Unlike yesterday when the sun shone between the hail showers today has been dark and grey with barely a hint of sun. The postman came with a book and something small and electrical for Peter and more plastic plant labels for me as I've been unable to find any in town. I'll wait until the weather is a little better before I go out to complete the labelling of the plants in the propagating beds.
I've also been working on deciphering the crochet instructions. With the aid of my book and the internet I've mastered Back Post Half Double Crochet, Front Post Half Double Crochet and even Front Post Double Crochet remembering that they're trebles not doubles but so far Front Post Half Double Crochet Two Stitches Together has eluded me. Perhaps it will make more sense after a bit of a break and all that will be left is Front Post Double Crochet Six Stitches Together. And I thought my crochet project was going to be easy.

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