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Wednesday, 23 November 2016


This morning I cleared away the mud, twigs and leaves that had been deposited by the flood from the steps leading down to the stream. Now the way is clear for me to go down to the stream to dig up gravel for the drive. 
At school we had yet another birthday celebration lunch this time for a teacher who has reached 40. She's only got another 27 of teaching before she can retire, that is if the retirement age doesn't get put up again. 
Now that we are in Christmas performance mode the hall is not available for me to do PE with my reception class so we have to use the playground if it's not raining or do a toned down version in the classroom. Although it looked like it might rain at any moment we managed to get out side today and I kept the children active so that they didn't get cold.
One little girl was very excited to tell me that her mum had had a baby in the morning and at the end of the day mum came to school with her new baby which was less than 12 hours old. I did go out to give my congratulations and have a look but I didn't get too close as I've still got a bit of a cold. You forget just how tiny newborns are.
I got away from school quickly and went into town, first to change a pair of pyjama/lounging bottoms which were rather an odd shape. They were a bit like those low crotch joggers you see dancers wearing, not my style at all. Instead I got a loose lightweight hoody top to match the grey pyjama bottoms I bought the other day. Then I went to the library to return a book. They were having trouble with the computerised booths which kept sticking and wouldn't move to the next screen. Instead the books had to be hand stamped and the ticket details entered manually by the librarians. Because the books hadn't gone through the system they all set the alarms off whenever anyone walked through the main doors and will do so when we bring them back.

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