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Sunday, 13 November 2016

A Walk Around Morte Point.

The morning sun was rapidly disappearing as we drove out to Morthoe for a walk around the point. It wasn't cold (I even saw a butterfly fluttering overhead when we stopped for coffee) and it was a great day for a walk. I caught a quick glimpse of a couple of seals at the usual spot but that was all.
The sea was quite choppy with waves crashing on to the rocks below. I was just about to take some dramatic photos when the camera battery  ran out. I had packed a spare battery but left it in my purse tucked under the driver's seat in the car so that was the end of my picture taking. Going out for a long walk gave us the chance to talk what else we can do to improve our chances of selling this place. We've come up with a few more projects that involve getting people in to do the work but will make the place look better. Just as we were finishing our walk I met one of the children from school out for a walk with her family. It was the first time I've met a child from school out on the coast as people in town are more likely to head for Braunton or go the other way towards Instow.
When the oil tanker came the other day it churned up part of the yard leaving a muddy spot right where somebody getting out of a car would step. As the stream is full of gravel that is constantly being replenished this morning I dug some out and dumped it in the muddy patch. Hopefully that will settle in and make the yard less embarrassingly muddy. 
I've just taken some shortbread biscuits out of the oven. They were an experiment as I can't get the oven cool enough so instead I left the door ajar. Also I didn't have rice flour so used all plain flour and substituted ordinary sugar for castor sugar. I suppose it will be a bit of a miracle if they turn out alright. I was going to make chocolate chip cookies yesterday until I found that Peter had decided to be efficient and hard boiled all 4 of our remaining eggs. I hoped to pick up some eggs from South Indicott Farm today but when we drove past the wooden rabbit hutch by the farm gate was empty. Hence the attempt to make shortbread.

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