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Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Some of the trees are almost bare after last night's strong winds. A lot of leaves had ended up on our front patio so I got the worst of the drifts cleared away before this morning's heavy rain set in. The winds have changed direction so although they were strong it didn't quite so cold.
I had to drive off quickly this morning when Peter came to tell me that the oil tanker was on its way. I didn't fancy being trapped behind it while he filled up our oil tank. At least now we know we have plenty of oil to keep us warm. Before we had regular top ups we'd sometimes leave it too late and the tank would be rapidly emptying while we waited for the next delivery or for the ice to clear from the steep drive.
I needed to get to school earlier than usual as I'd been asked to hold a School Council meeting to discuss what the school could do to raise money for the Children in Need day. I had already talked to the other teachers to see what would be easy for us to do bearing in mind that we have less support staff on a Friday and the consensus was that a spotty or dress up day would be good. So I steered the meeting that way and gave each child a pack with printed material and paper to make posters.
The rest of the afternoon was; phonics, PE and readers followed by a staff meeting on marking and feedback. Then a drive home in the dark and rain before filling a new crack that has appeared in the kitchen ceiling. The one good thing about the random swirly artex effect on all the ceilings is that it is easy to fill any cracks with caulk and then recreate the pattern with a finger tip.

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