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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Changing Plans.

With full cloud cover last night I didn't get to see the supermoon though it was shining brightly through the clouds. This morning the rain had stopped and the clouds had moved back up to their proper place in the sky. It was quite wild and windy as I cleared another bit of the path down by the stream.
At school I was all set to have one of the other teachers come and watch my PE with the reception class but as I was telling the children that we would have a visitor I found out that he too has been struck down with the tummy bug. (4 of my class were also off sick.) Then as my children were changing into their PE shoes I got a message saying we couldn't use the hall because there were some workmen  in there. Never mind I thought, we'll go outside only to discover that it was pouring with rain. Undaunted and because I love PE so much (ha) I said we would do PE in the class. I moved a couple of tables and we had a gentle PE lesson with a bit of jumping over the big plastic spots as well as some impromptu imagining of little creatures in the 'holes', describing them and carrying them carefully and showing them to each other. That filled up the time until playtime after which I was listening to a child read when the school alarm went off. Not the fire alarm but the security alarm. Not taking any chances we acted as if it was the fire alarm and walked our children out to the playground with all the parents watching from the other side of the playground fence. It turned out that somebody working on the boiler had pressed the wrong button setting off the alarm. 
At the end of the day the class teacher had a meeting with a parent in the classroom and I ended up standing outside with a couple of children waiting for the after-school club and a late parent.
After all that excitement I went and booked my car in for a winter service, silly of me not to have had that done at the same time as the MOT. Then as I was getting low on petrol I drove over to the petrol station and called in at Lidl's to stock up on vegetables because I don't need to go back to school or town until Monday - hooray!

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