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Tuesday, 1 November 2016


It wasn't quite as sunny or as warm as yesterday but still it has been a pleasant day. In the morning I went out and did some weeding of the path around the little pond and later in the the afternoon Peter cut all the grass. It looks so much better now. 
At school I did get to do some art - hooray. The Reception classes have picked Kandinsky as their artist so basically everything they are doing is based on concentric circles. This afternoon's activity was to draw 3 circles using a variety of objects to draw around, cut out the circles and stick them onto a piece of paper. For most of the children cutting was quite a tricky task. As we worked children were also being called out to make biscuits, circular of course or to paint concentric circles on paper plates.

At lunchtime I had gone to school quite early to give myself some time to start preparing for Friday's art but then found that a little lunch party going on in the staffroom to celebrate a colleague's 60th birthday. I had contributed towards the present and signed the card yesterday but didn't realise her birthday was today. It's always nice to celebrate special occasions and the food was very tempting too. I had some tasty cheeses and it would have been bad manners not to have a slice of the excellent home-made brownies.

I didn't leave school as promptly as I had hoped due to a mix up over one child and the after school club run in the junior school. I was still away by 4.00 and drove home under pretty skies with the distant haze making for some very romantic landscapes.

At home I did more weeding around the pond and also cleared the steps that lead down to the stream but had to stop when it got too dark.  

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