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Monday, 7 November 2016


A crisp bright day today, lots of bright blue skies to start the day. I had to go to school early to watch a PE lesson taught by our PE coordinator and he'll be coming to watch one of mine next week. It was very useful to see somebody else's take on the new PE scheme and has given me more confidence in the way I'm teaching PE. Speaking of confidence I had my annual appraisal with the headteacher today. I don't do well with stress at all so I'm glad it's over as I find that kind of thing fairly nerve wracking though it turned out much as I expected.
For once today it wasn't PE but instead I had to get through as many of the Christmas card designs as possible. The children had already colour washed the backgrounds and today they had to choose 1 of 4 finger print designs. I didn't dare have more than 4 children at a time so the others had the choice of quiet reading or using the maths equipment to explain how to find 10 more.
At the end of the day I had to mark the children's grammar work on verbs and then I popped into the Co-Op for some fresh veg. There were lots of pretty pink clouds in the sky when I came out of the shop so I took a few photos from the car park. 

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