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Monday, 14 November 2016


It's been a dismally grey day today. This morning there was a hint of drizzle in the air which didn't stop me from doing some work in the bog garden by the stream. I was mainly clearing the leaves and mud off the little path down there but to get to that I also needed to cut back the astilbes.  
This afternoon at school I had a Year 2 class for SPaG, PE and reading. It didn't take too long to mark the children's work after school which gave me time to go to town. I took a large and heavy bag of bedding to the Hospice shop, called in at the library and had a quick browse in Primark. By that time it was raining lightly and as I drove towards home I could see the cloud level was very low. So low that I drove into the clouds before I got to Shirwell. From there I was in wet greyness with the visibility reducing as I drove further into the clouds. With the cloud level at home skimming the tops of the trees I don't think I have much chance of seeing tonight's supermoon. 
PS The shortbread came out okay though it could have done with a bit less time in the oven.

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