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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Catching Up.

On Monday my PC was infested by some Malware or to be more accurate my browser was affected. I had a page pop up purporting to be from Microsoft  saying my PC was being hacked with all sorts of dire consequences if I didn't phone the number shown. Needless to say I didn't fall for that one and switched off my PC. A virus check once I'd turned it back on came back clear but I couldn't get on my browser with all my usual sites. For the moment I'm using a different browser which meant finding all the relevant log in names and passwords. I've got them written or part written in the backs of 4 notebooks one of which I didn't find until today so I guess I ought to write them all in one place. To add to all that we've had problems with our phone which after Peter spent 4 hours on the phone turn out to be something to do with the ADSL ? box which as it is in the house BT won't repair without charging an exorbitant amount. So until the one which Peter ordered arrives we don't have a working house phone. 
It has been very cold these last few days. (The first 2 photos are from today.) It's been nice and sunny at school and my drive home was past green fields bathed in a golden light, that is until I got to the top of our hill. There everything changed with frost on the road from the morning and as I got down to the house our garden was all crisp and white, as if the Snow Queen had come by.
It wasn't quite so cold on Monday and there was a pretty sunset as I drove home. 

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