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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Low Cloud.

We had 2 couples coming to view the house this morning so once again it was time for the extra tidy and  hide stuff in cupboards. At least it was 2 viewings for 1 tidy up.
While it wasn't actually raining the cloud level was down very low as I walked down the hill after leaving my car by the top field. It began to rain during the second viewing but the couple, who were cash buyers were only looking for a holiday home so this place wasn't suitable. The first couple who had a baby and a toddler seemed much more positive but you never know.
I had been out picking the leaves off the stone raised bed before the viewings and once the rain had stopped in the afternoon I went out and cleaned all the leaves off the snow-in-summer growing in the wall. 
Once the viewings were over I felt quite tired. Maybe that had something to do with getting out of bed at half-past midnight to deal with a crack in the wall by the stairs that was bothering me. Not so much a crack but a ridge where the previously filled crack was being squeezed. Several hundred year old stone walls built on clay next to a stream will always move as the underlying clay contracts or expands according to how wet the conditions are. Anyway I decided it looked too prominent so I sanded and then painted that bit of wall and now you can only detect the line if you look very closely.
For supper I've made a hearty winter soup based on a portion of pumpkin puree that Peter defrosted by mistake thinking it was a chicken breast! I just added onions, carrots, garlic and a tin of tomatoes and hey presto we have soup.

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Happyone said...

My favorite picture it the last one.
Hope you get a buyer soon.