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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Rainy Morning.

Yesterday the heavy rain hit us in the late evening. At times it was crashing down so loudly that I began to wonder if the dam might need reinforcing. Luckily the heavy spells didn't last too long. However when thunder boomed overhead I ran downstairs to disconnect the router. 
This morning it continued to rain including during the viewing which was a shame. This time the estate agent came out to show the people around so we sat in Peter's car. The feedback was fairly positive so you never know. Speedy decided it was a morning for warming his toes against the rayburn. 
The rain died out by the afternoon and when I walked up the hill to retrieve my car I thought I might stretch my legs and walk up to Ashelford Corner. It felt quite warm though I was wearing trousers, a fleece and a raincoat so not exactly summer weather. 
Going along the road the air was filled with the scent of the Himalayan Balsam and the sound of white tailed bumble bees visiting the flowers. The pods were mainly too wet to pop but I tried anyway and got one to explode when I touched it.

 Exmoor in the distance.
It felt good to be out but any longer and I would have been soaked by the next short shower. 
Back home I made another batch of  biscuits. This time I mainly followed a recipe for spiced Christmas biscuits. They are supposed to be made with golden syrup but as I didn't have much left I also used honey and dark sugar. Instead of neatly covering half of each biscuit with the white chocolate I opted for a more carefree drizzled effect. 

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