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Monday, 7 August 2017

Briefly Sunny.

11.00 am, the internet was down again this morning but returned just as suddenly. Who knows how long it we'll stay on-line? 
It rained all night and the early morning light drizzle is getting heavier. Hopefully I'll continue this post at the end of the day.
6.45 pm. The internet is still working and the sun came out for a couple of hours in the afternoon warming things up very nicely. My toes had felt so cold in the morning that I'd abandoned my Scholls and reverted to my sheepskin slippers. 
Today I cleaned the spare rooms making sure to remove any traces of spiders as both my friend and her daughter are scared of spiders. Although I keep one room ready with clean bed linen I had to put fresh bedding in 2 more bedrooms. I decided not to actually make up the beds ( a sofa bed and an air bed) in case we had a sudden viewing and guess what? We've got a viewing on Wednesday morning. One thing I did do was to pump up a double airbed. (Still have no clue where the single airbed is.) I had the choice of a bicycle pump or the tyre pump from my car. Neither of them had the correct fitting for the airbed so I came up with this idea - an empty biro case pushed into the nozzle of the foot pump. I secured it with some gaffer tape and the pointed end fitted the air bed valve perfectly. A good thing too as my attempt to simply blow up the air bed had me quickly feeling dizzy. It still took some effort with the foot pump so I shall keep the air bed inflated during the viewing.
When the sun came out the garden was filled with butterflies and bees busy searching for food after several wet days. Above is a Meadow Brown and below a Peacock and a Red Admiral share the buddleia flowers. 
The honey bees were working the golden marjoram and the purple loosestrife. Once they had settled into their roof space I stopped being able to hear them but every now and again I go and check from the outside and they are still there. 
While Peter was out doing yet more clay pigeon shooting I made a lemon drizzle cake for the weekend. I didn't want to make a second cake but used some of the mixture for a few cup cakes for us to eat during the week.


happyone said...

You are quite inventive. : )
The lemon cake sounds delicious. It is my favorite after chocolate.
Hope the viewing goes well.

Gerry said...

Good luck with the viewing, we well know the feeling, we were trying to sell for 6 months with no luck, so eventually came off the market , decided to stay and began an extension, it's a good option for us really as the house and plot is in such a good situation for access to all our families.