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Friday, 11 August 2017


It's been cold and drizzly all day long. That often happens when we have friends coming to stay. I've been busy moving things from one room to another so that people won't feel like they are sleeping in store rooms.
I also decorated the chocolate cake I made yesterday, with ganache and chocolate buttons. It would have been a little less wild if I had noticed that the buttons were extra large.  I guess the label 'Giant' on the packet should have been a clue. I've got a photo to show my whacky cake but right now I can't get it to load. I was only able to use the white buttons because the milk chocolate ones I also got must have got warm in the car and have those white marks. Nothing wrong with them apart from the look. I taste tested to make sure.
I also prepped all the vegetables for the beef stew Peter made. Apart from having a problem with his leg which he says is not the arthritis but to do with the mowing his arthritis has flared up in his hand and his finger is swollen and painful.
I did my pedalling early and now we are just waiting for a phone call to let us know that it's time to put the kettle on.

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