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Wednesday, 2 August 2017


The rain arrived today, just as predicted. It cleared for a while in the middle of the day, perfect timing for Peter as he was off to do some more clay pigeon shooting. The rain returned in earnest as he arrived back home and has been doing a good impression of a monsoon ever since.  
Sitting down to do my morning guitar practice I began as I usually do, by turning to the beginning of the book so that I could work my way through from playing the first string right up to the sixth. I can't say I've mastered the sixth string but I'm making progress and now there are sharps as well. Anyway, I turned over too many pages and found myself looking at the very first photos of how to hold the guitar. Aargh! the man was holding the guitar over his right knee not the left as I've been doing. Thinking that I might have to adjust the way I hold the guitar and go back over all the exercises I did a quick check on line. Phew - I've been holding the guitar in the Classical way as opposed to the Casual way so no need to panic. I did try it the other way but for now I'm going to carry on as I've been doing.  
Having said that I generally don't bother too much about cleaning windows I was so impressed with the sparkling nothingness of the kitchen windows that after washing and polishing the mirrors and pictures in the kitchen and beyond that I tackled a few more windows. Today it was the turn of the back room which is more of a store room with coats, tools and the chest freezer. Having done the insides of the windows I braved the light rain outside to finish the job. Then, as I still had my bucket of soapy water and crumpled newspapers I continued round the back of the house to the windows by the piano and PC and finally washed the worst of the grime from the conservatory windows on that side. Naturally I cleaned the insides of the 2 sitting room windows but any plans to go back over the outsides of those windows and find something to stand on to reach the very tops were scuppered by the now heavy rain. Another day perhaps. 

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Gerry said...

Ah! Guitar practice! I started playing guitar at 14, still play a lot, but so wish I'd learnt classical style first. I've tried several times to re-learn from the beginning, but it is so hard, especially now. Keep at it, so worthwhile, nothing nicer than hearing a guitar sound as it was meant to be. And so good for rainy days!