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Tuesday, 1 August 2017


It is surprisingly easy to lose track of the days down here in our peaceful valley. For most of the morning I thought it was Wednesday when we are due to have even more rain so I didn't bother about doing the washing. When I did realise it was Tuesday and in fact an excellent drying day with plenty of wind and sunshine it was too late to get the washing machine running. The only thing that went on the line was a piece of unused furnishing fabric that had been with my mother's stuff. I have an acute sense of smell and I needed to rid the fabric of what I can only call 'old lady perfume'. It still needs another day of airing but the sage green fabric may come in handy one day.  

While Peter did the mowing I gave the front and kitchen doors a clean. That naturally led on to cleaning both of the kitchen windows. While cleaning windows is not high on my list of priorities it is nice to have them fresh and sparkling once in a while. 
I also did some baking. I had bought a reduced bag of ready mixed flour with sun dried tomatoes, rosemary and parmesan  and decided to use it to make some flat(ish) breads with extra cheese on top. We tried a little bit of one and very tasty it was. The rest have gone in the freezer until our visitors come in 2 weeks' time. 
There are more swallows' nests than ever in the outbuildings. Here a second brood of youngsters wait patiently for food. All the recent wet weather must have kept the swallows inside the buildings as the floor under the shelter  has more 'offerings' than there's ever been before.
The butterfly numbers have begun to increase. At the moment they are visiting the buddleia, golden marjoram and purple loosestrife. 

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