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Thursday, 10 August 2017


All change today for a day of sunshine and fluffy white clouds. Not exactly hot but nice enough especially as the couple from yesterday returned for a second viewing. This time they wanted to know more about our water supply and the waste treatment. No problems there as all the servicing is up to date and I have a ring binder with all the invoices, guarantees and other technical stuff about the property including details and phone numbers of all the adjoining land owners. We always put these details out for people to look at when they come to view  and this morning I added labelled tabs to make it easier to turn to the relevant section. The estate agent came as well this morning and the feedback is still looking positive.
While the second viewing was going on I was out shopping. I didn't bother going to the High Street but got fresh salads, milk and cream etc. for the weekend. I also bought myself a sport crop top to wear while I'm pedalling on the exercise bike. Wearing it is a great incentive for me to keep up with the diet (not this weekend) and exercise as currently my middle is not a pleasant sight. 
I planned to spend the afternoon sitting outside and enjoying the sun but after baking a large chocolate cake and doing one or two other things there was just time for a short coffee break. The chickpeas are cooked and in a minute I shall whizz them up to make a couple of bowls of different humus.
Remember my ergo keyboard that had coffee spilled into it? I was about to put it outside with the pile of stuff for the recycling centre when I thought I might as well give it one more chance. I plugged it in and hey presto it worked. That was a nice surprise. 
A Speckled Wood Butterfly.
(Tuesday's was a Ringlet not a Speckled Wood.)
While I was pedalling away on the bike there was a ring of the big doorbell and there was my neighbour's son with a friend asking for Peter. They like to come over to look at the fancy air rifle and today Peter decided to give it to Jack as we don't have much use for it apart from occasionally popping at the rooks. Peter asked Jack if his mum would mind and was assured she wouldn't but Peter rang her anyway. I bet Jack is glad he dropped round today.

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Gerry said...

Sounds like a day with lots of promise, the second viewing, the keyboard, and the weather all on your side! Fingers crossed for the prospective buyers.