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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Sunny Afternoon.

We had a whole afternoon of sunshine which made a nice change. I had taken a chance in the morning and put some washing in the machine. I had more to do but there was an amber alert for heavy rain and I didn't want to be left with a lot of damp washing in the kitchen. In the end we only had a few fat drops of rain literally as Peter finished all the mowing. There still a lot of dark grey clouds up above so we may still get the heavy rain later on.
I've had a busy day and got a lot of things done. First was to do a bit of painting in the conservatory and then use the hoover to remove all the cobwebs and dead insects. Then the spare bedrooms needed putting in order for the viewing, just tidying away the bedding etc. as best as I could. After that I had a major sort out in the smallest of the bedrooms which is being used as a store room. Having shifted things around to get at the spare duvets I had left it all higgledy piggledy. Many of the boxes are empty waiting for the time when we have to pack things up and I was able to stack them a bit better so that the room doesn't  look so full.
In the garden I removed the grass growing up through the heathers and clipped the grass access path which had been looking very overgrown before dead heading the buddleias.  Finally I combined baking chocolate cookies with ironing the washing. I've still got a few more things to bake before I'm ready for our visitors most of whom have hearty appetites.
A gatekeeper butterfly (top) and a Ringlet butterfly (bottom) were amongst the many butterflies flitting around the garden.


happyone said...

Like those clouds!!

Harriet said...

You are very busy. I appreciate you identifying birds, flowers, insects....truly adds to my enjoyment.