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Thursday, 22 July 2021


Another very hot day but there's already a weather warning out for heavy showers/thunderstorms from tomorrow.
Once again I woke just after 5.00 though I listened to the radio for an hour before getting up and starting my day. Two machine loads, weeding in the back garden and my daily cleaning routine all done before breakfast.
The camper needed to go to the garage for some welding but we didn't want to leave the car at the farm so I went up with Peter and then followed him back down in the car. 
The farm is on the hill behind us only a mile or maybe two away.
It was surprising to see how quickly we were back in the countryside. On the way up we passed through an interesting looking wood with large pine trees and signs for bridleways through it. Definitely worth an explore on another day.
I followed Peter down to the garage but as the guy hadn't arrived I left the car with Peter and walked back home past the crowds heading out to the beach. Back home while Peter went to the dump and then to Morrisons for shopping I began my culinary preparations for the weekend. Soup has been made, bread rolls, biscuits and meringue nests have been baked. Whisking by hand takes a lot longer than using the electic mixer so I sat down in front of the tv. Shame I made such a mess with the icing sugar. I don't think I had the right setting for the oven but the nests are finally done if a bit golden.

I finished tidying up my study, it's amazing how much stuff you can get under a bed, and the bed made up with new, white bedding. A good thing I put clean dust sheets over the bed as Speedy is now sleeping comfortably on the duvet. 
I shan't blog while Vytas and Sally are here so will be back on Sunday.

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