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Thursday, 29 July 2021

Strange Happenings.

At the moment I seem to have picked up a redirect malware thingy that stops me from viewing my blog. Thankfully one of my anti-virus whatsits stops anything from happening. Peter has been trying out various things including wiping all the many trackers and cookies I've picked up in the normal course of things. In an attempt to tune my reasoning process, which seems to work in a very different way to his I drew a little diagram and suggested that we see if he could see my bog from his pc. He has the same anti-virus protection so eventually he tried and hey presto he could see my blog without any problem so I guess the rest of you can too. So the problem must be with my pc.

It's running a bit late so I'm just going to throw on some photos from yesterday.

The zoo opened to the public last Saturday and are only allowed to have 'domesticated' animals on display hence the arrival of a variety of chickens and ducks. They'll be having special days when the public will be allowed to see some of the exotics/wild animals and hopefully will be able to reapply for a lisence in a few months.
With it not being beach weather there were a lot of families visiting the zoo (or should I say animalarium which is the offical description) which felt rather strange. People can buy cups of vegetables to feed the pygmy goats which was very popular. Having the peacock wandering about gets the children excited though many children thought the Guineafowl were turkeys. The peahen and her chicks are still in a pen, I asked and found out that the chicks were accidental. They didn't want to have chicks this year and kept removing the eggs so the peahen hid her nest offsite and simply turned up with her chicks one day. She'd been wandering around the zoo as normal beforehand, maybe the eggs didn't need to be sat on all the time.
I also asked about the wolf-dogs. They are not straight 50/50 wolf/dog but about 65% dog and 35% wolf. They had been bought as pets and when their wolf traits began to develop came to the zoo. They were also very poplular with the visitors a lot of whom called them wolves despite the information boards. 
This was my work place. I'm very proud of the way I managed to clear nearly all the weeds from the gravel. While the bit around the bench was the worst the whole area was full of large weeds. The hand hoe I bought a while back came in very useful. It was tempting to carry on to get the whole lot done but my back had reached its limit.

There was a real change in the weather yesterday, lots of wind and good surfing waves. The kite surfers and surfers were out until late in the evening.
Today I finished making a fitted sheet for the guest bed and have found some straps from an old backpack which I can use to strap the two beds together. At last I was able to roll the smaller bed back underneath the other and return my study back to normal. Luckily the topper folds in half and fits on top of the 'under' bed. Then I made Peter a cushion from a rolled up pillow as he found that my one was just right for his back which is playing up at the moment. He spent the morning volunteering at the lifeboat shop. In the afternoon I filled several bags with gone to seed valerian and poppies from the back garden and some weeds ready for the next trip to the dump. Hopefully we'll get this re-direct problem sorted soon and in the meantime please excuse any typos as I usually pick them up by reading through the blog once it's posted.

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