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Monday, 26 July 2021


While not a scorcher today it was pleasantly warm for most of the day. Right now at 6.00, the haze covering the sky has made it feel a lot cooler.
I think this is the first water skier I've seen here. This boat was out for several hours.
I decided to start my day with a walk along the beach. There is a lot more sand on the beach at the moment. Normally there is a ridge of giant rocks covering the stream outfall but it's currently hidden by the sand. (Note the barrel jellyfish in the foreground.) Although the beach was quite crowded once I'd passed the lifeguards' flags it was almost empty.
I got the sheets washed and out on the line early but the ironing can wait until tomorrow. 
My job for the day was to alter the foam mattress topper. I cut 10cms from one side and used the sewing machine to alter the cover. The piece I cut off  is almost a perfect addition on the other edge to make the topper fit over both mattresses of the single beds plus the space between them. Next I made a cover for that piece which included a full length zip from my box of useful sewing items. I've still got to sew it on to the cover of the main topper and although I could have done it with the machine it was so difficult getting the foam topper to fit into the cover I'm going to do it by hand. I finished the afternoon with some pruning in the front garden before some time reading on the terrace.


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