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Tuesday, 27 July 2021


It's been warm but there's a definite change in the air. First thing this morning the sky was a hazy white making the calm sea a matching silvery white. When it's like this everything seems very quiet as sounds become muffled by the haze. Later we were back to blue skies with large clouds building up. The weather report spoke of heavy showers, thunderstorms even but we've seen nothing of that here.
I took myself off for a beach walk after breakfast again. With the tide high there wasn't much sand to walk on but it was good to be out. On my way back I called in at the shop for some new potatoes. 
Back home I carried on with work on the mattress topper, hand sewing the cover for the extra bit on to the main cover. Then I ironed yesterday's washing washing. All very sedate activities that don't put too much strain on my back.
I was finished in time to spend some time sitting out on the terrace and there was yet another 'first' to be seen out on the water. There's a surf school that we see quite often but today instead of the big crowd of youngsters they had just one student on a surfboard. This was a specially adapted board with a seat on it on which they took the young person out to ride small waves. One instructor stood on the board behind the seated person and two instructors walked by the sides. There was also another child in a wheelchair with sand tyres and a section of board so that the child in the chair could be taken into the shallow water to experience the sea across his/her legs. Nice to see the sea being made accessible for those who might find it otherwise difficult to enjoy. (No photos for privacy reasons.)


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