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Friday, 30 July 2021


Wild, windy and frequently wet today. The weather report says it's Storm Evert with winds of up to 70mph on the south coast.
Fortunately for me it wasn't quite so wet in the morning when I went to the dump. I had hardly any wait though they're still operating the even/odd dates/number plates rule as the person behind me found out. I only had three bags of garden waste and one of rubbish unlike the nine bags I took there the other day but it's good to get rid of stuff from the garden.
From the dump I went over to Morrisons. That was a slow journey due to the large amount of traffic on the road. Very different to wintertime when I generally had a straight run through. At Morrisons I couldn't resist going through all the clematis on offer and found two more unusual varieties. I so need to get on with the back garden or at least pot up the clematis into bigger pots.
Then on to Lidl where I overcame my natural reticence and challenged a maskless lady or at least asked her where her mask was. There were two young women (Aargh, just moved my coffee cup because Speedy was walking across my desk and he trod right in it.). Back to incident, these Eastern European women were with three youngsters and were not wearing masks. Where I asked one of them where her mask was she looked at me blankly, then said she didn't have one. When I told her she needed to have one she said she couldn't breathe and when I asked her where her lanyard which is what you get issued with if you have a medical or other exemption she said it was at home. I really believed that but simply said she needed to wear it or else people would keep asking her to put a mask on. Mask wearing might not be compulsory in England but it still is here in Wales thank goodness. I think it's up to us members of the public to remind people of the rules here however embarassed we might feel.
Back home I finally got round to fitting screws to the wooden slats of the airer so that the slats don't slide out at either end. I had wondered why there was wire wound around the slats when I took it apart. My final job of the afternoon was to sew quick release clips to some straps to hold the two guest beds together. I saved these from an old backpack before I threw it out and they are just right for the job.


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