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Friday, 24 September 2010

All Work And No Pay.

I didn't have many pictures to choose from today as I came home rather tired having stayed at school until 6.00 trying to set up my classroom for our new topic - India. For once I left without setting up my classroom ready for the next morning , just put the chairs down but not set out the boxes of reading books or redone the date and all the other little things that need doing each morning. Early morning view of the moon still out.
Also I was a bit put out when the pay slips appeared. Nothing has been done about my contract and although I work my guts out for 9 hours every day I've only been paid for 3 afternoons a week! The Head and the school administrator were out today so I couldn't even query it. I know that it will be sorted out but it is rather annoying. I'm too tired to think about next week's planning so that will have to be done tomorrow and I'll have an early night instead.


Elora said...

No pay is definitely a big bummer. And not a good way to start the weekend! Grrrrrr.

Domestic Executive said...

Hope they'll pay you the missing interest from your bank account. Not a good look for them.