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Monday, 13 September 2010

PC Problems.

Today has gone by in the usual blur. I thought I was all organised but not quite. First I hadn't noticed that I was supposed to be doing PE at 9.30 so I had a quick mental reschedule, got my class down to the hall only to find it being occupied by some visitors so that was back to plan A. Then there was the visit of students from the local secondary school to talk to my class about what kind of stories they liked. That was another thing I had forgotten about so my maths lesson got compressed and then after school I enlisted the help of some of the other teachers to help me locate some computer programs that should have been on my desk top or at least on my pc. I had thought I was being especially dense in not being able to find them but actually they had disappeared into the ether. It's a complex computer system at school, you can log in as an administrator, yourself or any of the 6 different classes. We had a partial system rebuild last year so lots of things are in the wrong place on the network and we simply do not have the time to sort things out ourselves. It drives us all mad and we actually have a house brick on the desk next to the staffroom pc for that final solution. We so need an IT technician not just the occasional outside help that we get. Today has been mostly dry and completely grey so instead I'm posting some pictures from yesterday afternoon.
When I went up to the scree garden in the late afternoon it was almost like walking in a butterfly house. At each step a cloud of butterflies flew up around me. There were also plenty of dragonflies and although I didn't see the actual capture I did see a dragonfly flying along clutching a poor butterfly.

At the very centre of this picture is a humming bird hawk moth. I took so many similar pictures I couldn't remember which one it was in and forgot to do a close-up picture before I deleted them from my camera. While I was watching the butterflies every now and then I would get a strong waft of the sweet smell of the sedum, no wonder the butterflies were going mad. Lots of rain forecast for the rest of the week - wonderful!

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