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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Back Into Work Mode.

Swathes of rose-bay-willow-herb (fireweed) along the road home.
Our Indian summer continues. It was nice to wake up this morning with a golden sunrise streaming through the windows. I've had a busy day at school. We started with a general catch up of what everybody has been doing and then into school stuff. I can't believe we've already sorted the dates for our Christmas schedule - parties, school play, dress rehearsal, Nativity at the church etc. We had time in the afternoon for classroom sorting and I feel I'm beginning to get somewhere. It was comforting to see that other people are at the same stage. I always think that everyone else is completely organised and that I should make more of an effort. When I was a supply teacher in lots of schools the 'best' classrooms were those whose teachers 1-didn't have children and 2- stayed at school until at least 7.00 every night. That's not a good home/work balance. I have reminded Peter that week nights are allocated to school work and films or games of scrabble are now for the week-ends.
I had to make a quick trip into town after school to go to the bank and the library and pick up a few more items for my class; a pop-up laundry bin for the children's painting aprons, 2 clear plastic salad bowls for the children's fruit as our old plastic baskets do look rather scruffy and some jelly like numbers that look great on the windows. Sometimes just a few nicer items can perk up the whole look of a room.
I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that the good weather lasts into the weekend so I can be in it rather than just looking at it.


Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

All the best for this term x

Happyone :-) said...

The picture beautiful. I wish I could jump into it. Good luck with the start of the new term. Hope all goes well.