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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Changing Weather.

It is gently raining from a uniformly grey sky this evening. A complete contrast to this morning when the sun made a spectacular entrance onto an almost cloudless sky. The sun appeared as a golden globe that seared my eyes even through my beloved wrap-around sunglasses. Out over the sea a line of fluffy clouds were catching the light and looking unreal. To have that view beside me as I drive to work is such a blessing.It's been the usual busy day at school with a succession of visitors ,well 2 groups, being brought around the school and into the classroom. Luckily they came at times when everything was going as it should with children busying away at a variety of activities including using the web for research. Good thing they didn't come in when I was berating the children , mainly one child, whose over active pressing of the print button had resulted in 53 un-needed colour pages being printed. We have to incorporate ict into every lesson so the children do need to know how to operate the computers sensibly, no wild 'typing' on the keyboard or closing them down by switching off the box!

I went to my doctor after school and she seemed unsurprised by my request to be seen at Exeter hospital, she must know what a dreadful reputation our local hospital has even though it does quite well in government league tables. So now I'll phone and cancel my operation date which had finally come through and wait to start the whole process again at Exeter. Don't want to take chances when they're carving bits off my spine.

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