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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Wedding Bells.

It's been a lovely day today. As I drove into town the sun was shining which was especially good as my work colleague's daughter was getting married at mid-day. At work we've been able to share many a laugh with Sue over the dramas of organising a traditional wedding, from the wild hen week-end at a spa in Cornwall to the tension of delays over the dress and would Lisa be walking down the aisle with her leg in plaster or not ( not- for the day anyway). I met up with friends outside Pilton Church to see everyone arrive, and then we ended up going into the church anyway. Weddings are nice to share. A family moment before the pre-ceremony photographs.

Entering the church for the Bridal walk down the aisle.

(Out of sequence) The imposing gateway that leads into the churchyard makes an excellent background for the wedding photos.

And finally, after the ceremony , posing in a shower of confetti. I'm so glad the sun shone for Lisa. It's still sunny now so I'm sure they had a wonderful reception at Berrynarbour and are probably still partying now.
Not only did I have an enjoyable time watching Lisa's wedding with other work colleagues and meeting up with some old friends but I also had a relaxed shopping day. I don't like having to rush when I'm shopping either to get back to the car park before my ticket runs out or because other people want to go home and it was never fun shopping with children in tow. But today I wandered round, went into all the shops and eventually found 2 pairs of trousers for work in a charity shop. We can't wear jeans to school and there is a limit to the number of times I can wear my (smart) nike track suit trousers. In theory we should wear PE kit every day as we have to do PE daily and the guidelines say we should be appropriately dressed for PE. Besides 2 pairs of trousers (one pair size 12 ,US 10) I bought another fake fur body warmer, charity shop again and the star buy was a extra soft fluffy fleece hoody from a trendy/sports shop. I'd been hankering after one of these for at least 5 years after I saw some of these very fluffy tops in a surf shop at Woolacombe. But at over £60 I wouldn't even consider them, just had them in the back of my mind. One shop stocking Weird Fish had several styles in that fabric last year but they were too tight and pretty expensive. Now that I'm a bit smaller the shop has stopped selling Weird Fish so I was pretty happy to find a black zip up (much cheaper) version in another shop today. It's just so cuddly and I'm a sucker for fluffy things (and sparkly or shiny). I did resist a pair of wellies in Evans (a bigger ladies' shop). They do extra wide fittings so the boots fitted but I couldn't think of when I would actually wear them, I've got builder's steel toe cap wellies for in the garden and out walking I wear proper footwear, so I was sensible and put them back. And why did I like them so much ? - they were pale grey with enormous white polka dots all over which appealed to my sense of fun.
Peter's out today doing all sorts of boy things, shooting at the club in the morning followed by a session at the gym and the gig club's installing the Odessa into the new premises in Barnstaple. http://www.barnstaplepilotgigclub.co.uk/ for more information.


Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Awww, what a gorgeous bride! Looks like a beautiful occasion.

Congrats on your buys too, sounds like a fun day all round.

Domestic Executive said...

There is nothing better than sunshine to add the icing to a wedding. Sounds like you had a relaxing day - just as weekends should be.

Happyone :-) said...

What a beautiful bride. Glad she had a sunny day. Sounds like you got some good deals out shopping!