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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Locked Out.

Today it has been ..... raining! When I woke this morning it was the sort of morning where it would be wonderful to lie tucked up in bed listening to the wind and rain howling outside. Unfortunately I had to get up for work and I was not impressed by hearing the weatherman saying that it was a dry and sunny morning in the south-west. Not in our bit of it it wasn't.
Arriving nice and early at school I was met by the school caretaker brandishing a hammer and informing me that the locking mechanism on my classroom door had jammed and it couldn't be opened. Luckily I always try and set up my classroom the night before and I had planned to do some printing in the staffroom. Things did improve as first I was offered access through the fire escape door which would have meant everyone traipsing over a muddy field and then the door person took off the lock so we could use the door. It did have to be tied open all day until he returned to replace the locking mechanism after school but that wasn't a problem.
All my teaching activities went really well today and I wasn't so stressed out at the end of the day. Peter had to come and collect me at the end of the day as his car was being serviced. We drove down to collect it from Bugford, a tiny hamlet only a few miles away. I had never been there before yesterday so it was interesting to drive down a new set of steep, winding country lanes.

Yesterday I was so exhausted I completely forgot to take a photo of the diet chart. I had thought this would be the end of the diet but it has taken me several weeks to get back on track. One more sheet and then it should definitely be over.

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