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Thursday, 9 September 2010

A Spot Of Sun.

This morning my body just wanted to go back to sleep. In fact once the radio had woken me up I automatically turned off my back-up alarm clock and went back to sleep - dreaming that I was on the way to school, in the wrong clothes! Luckily my body clock woke me up 10 mins later and apart from losing that half hour where I sit in bed with a cup of tea, no harm was done. Once I was up I was rewarded with the sight, through one of the bedroom windows, of a shining golden edge to a distant cloud which quickly spread until the sun was fully risen. Himalayan Balsam along the drive, a pretty though unwelcome invader that has seed pods that explore with terrific force when you touch them.
The day itself has been HOT. Shame about being stuck in a classroom. Our playground duty rota is a bit flexible at the moment (ie no one is too sure when they're supposed to be on duty) but on afternoons like this all of us can be found enjoying the warmth of the sun in the playground.
Now that the silage is in the muck spreaders are out again. As I turned into the drive the fields were covered with a great flock of seagulls but they took flight when I stopped to take some pictures.

Being down in the valley the garden had lost a lot of its sun by the time I got home. This butterfly was warming itself in the very last patch of sun by the scree garden.

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Happyone :-) said...

Glad to hear you had a day of sunshine. :-)