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Saturday, 11 September 2010

A Little Sunshine.

At last, the week-end. It's been remarkably warm today but mainly wet. During one of the brief sunny interludes I did some gardening! It was only dead heading the hanging baskets but at least I was outside. They're looking a bit straggly but still provide a cheery splash of colour. I've managed to get all my school planning done leaving tomorrow clear for .... housework, gardening, going for a walk ? I did spend some time emptying my mind doing more of my jigsaw puzzle. It's out in the conservatory which was nice and warm. Every now and then I had to stop to take out another butterfly which had come inside in the last few days and was now fluttering against the windows.

Linas made a brief appearance today to collect a few more of his belongings and to see a friend. He had to buy a new motorbike in the week (yes, bank of mum again), as his scooter had come grinding to a halt , the crankshaft had gone and would have cost too much to fix. He's now the proud owner of a Honda CBF 125. He came up on the train, single fare £6.50, day return £6.55. Only 5p for the return journey! I've just returned from taking him to the station so I missed the first programme of the new Strictly series but apparently it was really cheesy. Let's hope it gets better.


Domestic Executive said...

Your front door looks like something out of home and gardens. Wonderful. Makes me want to rush out and get some hanging baskets.

Happyone :-) said...

I just love the entrance to your house!!