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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Misty Morning.

This morning as I drove to work the mist lay in thick blankets over the valleys making the countryside look ethereal. It is not that unusual a phenomenon but today the mist was especially dense. At one point the road runs across the head of a valley and the cloud that was hanging in there was completely impenetrable. My journey in to work brings me down from the hills so I am treated to views right across central Devon to Dartmoor (which I now know is 70 miles away).
For the rest of the day there was a lot of sunshine with sudden black clouds bringing swift showers. This afternoon I had PPA time so I was able to work quietly in the staffroom sorting out my children's work to put up a display in their cloakroom. By 5.30 I'd got the display up and looking reasonable. There are a couple of areas in the classroom which need sorting out urgently, perhaps by the end of next week? Having got up at 5.00 to do research on the Internet I'm aiming for an earlier night tonight.


Elora said...

Oh, Ruta! What beautiful scenics! The mist cradled in the valleys is simply magical! One would expect Merlin to appear!

You're going to be exhausted by the end of the week!!


Happyone :-) said...

The misty morning is beautiful. I agree with Elora, it is magical.