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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Where Did The Sun Go?

Today has been mild and mainly hazy. I optimistically hung some washing out only to have to run and save it from a passing shower. My day has been spent doing yet more school stuff. That's the way it will be for a while. My main achievement as been to sort and clear my box of folders so that I can file stuff away instead of having one big pile of papers and no idea where things are.
A very brief interlude outside though I was still cutting out little laminated pictures for school. The butterflies are now congregating on the sedum which are beginning to open. This light pink variety is my favourite. It took me quite a long time to track it down as the varieties normally found in the garden centres are the dark pink/red ones.


Domestic Executive said...

I lost you from my blog reader for a while but just spent a while catching up with all your news. Hard to believe that summer is over and you're back to school already. Those shots of your garden are superb and keep reminding me that I need to get more colour in mine. Reading your blogs about the weight loss and family made me sad - you look fantastic. Be proud of what you've achieved - I know you want more and that will come I am sure. I am starting to get a grip myself having got my bike serviced and aiming to step up on the exercise front. As for families, I know what you mean - when we were in the UK and our family tribes came for the day I felt I was the caterer with hardly a moment to breathe and then all of a sudden everyone was gone and I was left feeling like cinderella in the kitchen. Still, I'm sure that everyone had a fabulous time and they will remember all that you did do to make things special.

Elora said...

Beautiful sedum, Ruta! Well worth the track-down.

In a way, I believe you're having fun, being back at work. I always envied the primary grade teachers. I thought they had so much more fun than did those of us who taught the upper grades.