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Monday, 27 September 2010

Where Did The Day Go ?

Gosh the day has flown by. Our days at school are so hectic that it all rushes by with hardly a minute to sit down. Our classrooms were extra cold this morning as there is some hold up about getting our heaters working. I think someone said their hut was about 6C. Luckily I had my gloves as well as my fluffy top. By the afternoon some of the huts were noticeably colder than the playground and people were leaving the doors open to let the warmth in. I hope it is sorted by tomorrow. Coming home this evening I had to stop for a group of riders to go down the hill so I got out and took some pictures of our valley. Quite a pleasant evening but with all the planning to do I only had time for a quick stroll in the garden before heading back to the pc.

Looking North. The brown hills in the distance are rough moorland along the edge of the cliffs.

The ground slopes away on the other side of the ridge then drops suddenly to form the North Devon cliffs. We don't walk there that often because you are so high above the sea and Morte Point to the west is much nicer.

Only 1 lb lost this week. I'm getting a bit too relaxed over the diet and it just goes to show that eating chocolate biscuits at school is not a good idea. I've put a couple of apples in the oven to have as a treat tonight. Oh and I didn't enjoy The 300 last night, not my sort of film, too comic book but as Peter often sits through my choices including ANTM I watched and did sudoku at the same time.

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