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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Last Day Of The Holidays.

The fine weather continues. Of course it would be like that seeing as the holidays are now at an end. Apart from missing the good weather I'm almost impatient to get into school to finish sorting out my classroom. The children don't start back until Monday but I'm not sure how much of the next 2 days will be taken up with staff meetings and training sessions and how much will be left for us to get on with those 101 jobs that need doing. Peter and I went out for a walk in the local lanes this morning. Everywhere there are signs of autumn. The rose-bay-willow-herb has lost its pink flowers and is smothered in an explosion of fluffy seeds looking like cotton wool spread across the hedgerows.
This hot dry weather is perfect for silage making and the lanes are busy with contractors' vehicles rushing backwards and forwards with their loads of cut grass.

The 2 fields along our drive are being gathered in. We watched one tractor racing up with an empty container, with these guys speed is of the essence, unfortunately the lad then turned too wide causing a mismatch between himself and the cutting machine driver and the whole process had to stop while he repositioned himself (probably to a few choice words).

Peter had to go off to Exeter to see the optician as it does look like one of his eyes will have to have more laser surgery to bring it up to scratch. At least we don't have to pay any more as you get life time care with this company. I did do some more trimming of the hedge and then decided that I would relax and enjoy this final afternoon of the summer holidays sitting with a book and a cup of tea up in the scree garden. Up early tomorrow and back to work!


Julie said...

is it still hot and dry there? It is weird here in Europe. It went from 90F to 57 overnight and has slowly been going up to 67F today but on and off rainy for a few days.... and I heard it snowed in Austria over the weekend... amazing.

Elora said...

Oh, how much fun to see those big tractors and LOTS of silage going into the rolls or trenches or whatever is done there.

Beautiful picture of you yesterday! Loved it!!! Pretty girl, now!!

The whatever that makes that fuzzy fiber is gorgeous!

Wishing you all the best for a very fine school year! Students are all back, here. With all that snow last year, they got an early start this year!

Keep those lovely photos coming!