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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Whoo Hoo.

Another staff meeting tonight a good part of which was about tracking and paperwork. Not good - terrifying. I'm at the point where thinking about an OFSTED inspection makes me quake with fear. By the time I got home everything was grey and miserable again. I'd left home in a heavy fog in the morning so for once there were no views to soothe my fevered mind. We took the children swimming in the morning which is fine as an activity but with having to travel there by coach it takes a good chunk out of their working time and it is hard to squeeze in everything we need to do.
Last night the garden was so full of owl noises I ended up going out to have a look. There was the hooting of the tawny owl which is the standard whoo hoo but that was accompanied by the persistent high screech of the much larger barn owl. When I stood in the garden I could just make out the ghostly shape of the barn owl as it flew out of the tree next to the house. I wonder if it was trying to communicate with the plastic horned owl that we put up to deter (unsuccessfully) the jackdaws.
It was a clear night and our lack of light pollution gave a fantastic view of the stars in the night sky. I'm not good on the constellations, can't find more than the saucepan - Orion's belt but Venus was shining and the Milky Way was spread out above me. I stood in the cold taking in the beauty of the night sky before scampering back up to bed.

One plastic owl staring across the farm buildings.

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