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Monday, 20 September 2010


The weather has been lovely again today, I know because I kept walking across a sunny playground on my frequent trips between my classroom (a hut) and the staffroom ( another hut). By the time I get home our valley is in shadow so I'm not tempted to do any work in the garden but get stuck into my school work straight away. We had a staff meeting this evening to share ideas for our next topic - India. I've been doing some mad late night shopping on eBay and may well turn up at school in a shalwar kamiz. That'll be a laugh. Barnstaple has hardly any people from other cultures living here so it will all be new to the children. I think the highest minority ethnic group in this area is probably the Lithuanians and Poles (recent temporary economic migrants) and there are no more than a handful of non-white children in any of the schools. A little different to the boys' school when we lived in London where the balance was the other way. So at least they weren't brought up in a total monoculture at that formative age. As promised a few more shots from Saturday's fireworks. This view is from the Leisure centre/Fairground side of the river looking across to Ladies' Mile and the old town buildings.
And some of the fireworks. I wanted to see what effect I would get with stills rather than simply shooting a little video.

Nothing terribly special but the background makes up for it.

And finally the diet. Even 1 lb lost is a victory at this stage so I'm happy but I really hope I don't have to print off another page to fill in.

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