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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Squished !

Not a bad day today both work and weather wise. I had the morning working on my own in the staffroom to get to grips with producing a science coordinator's file. The hardest part was working on my new school lap top which has windows 7 but won't print from the staffroom printer. I had to copy everything and make it compatible for 2003. Haven't attempted printing the final copies of the header pages but I have another morning scheduled next week which should see the job done. Anything after that is in my own time. We had a staff meeting after school which had us all groaning in anticipation of the dreaded APP (assessing pupil progress with 200 forms to fill in all day long) in maths but my lovely colleague had got right back to the basics and has produced a pared down very workable system which still provides all the things that OFSTED want, targets, assessing, levelling and moderation. We will trial it for the moment but it looks much more manageable The sun was shining on the way home so I stopped to take more photos.
I had been out of school at lunchtime for my routine mammogram. In the UK we only get one every 3 years once you reach 50 (nothing before). They say that yearly might be more risky but who are they kidding? It's obviously to save money. Have to say that losing weight especially in that area, I've gone from a DD to a B, made the whole procedure inconsequential. It was only slightly uncomfortable last time and not at all this time. A few weeks before the result come through but it's not something that worries me even though 2 friends are awaiting surgery. Need an early night as I lay awake last night with too many ideas for the next topic - India, whirling through my head.

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