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Monday, 6 September 2010

Severe Weather Warning.

Phew. Day 1 and I'm cream crackered. Started the day in the pitch black when the radio gently woke me up at 5.45. Luckily it is not cold though a chill went through me when the weather man on the radio uttered the words 'severe weather warning for the ..... south-west, very heavy rain expected.' And it did rain all day long, the poor children were stuck in our classroom hut for the whole day even having to eat their packed lunches in the classroom. Having taught half the class when they first started school in the reception class we were quite familiar with each other. Even the children that had been in the other reception class knew me from shared assemblies and streamed phonics lessons in Year 1. So when I asked the children to put their named clothes pegs on card clouds showing different emotions most of them opted for proud or excited with only 3 on the sad cloud. Only tears from one little lad who kept showing me his 'hurted finger' and saying he missed his mum. Let's hope he feels better tomorrow.

Still the same weight which is not surprising seeing how many sad-face days I had but I have felt more in control of my eating. We are so busy at school there isn't time to eat and I had to snatch 5 minutes to simply sit and breathe at the end of lunchtime before getting back into the hurly burly of the classroom.

Yesterday I couldn't find any woodlice in our very wet garden so I had to scrabble around in the Secret Garden, in the pouring rain, this morning. I think I found 3 woodlice who are now in our display so not too many worries about escaping wild life

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Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Glad you survived your first day, though sounds exhausting, especially with the elements against you, here's hoping you get some sun for the rest of the week x