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Wednesday, 10 June 2015


There was a bit less sun and a bit more wind and dark clouds this morning but the forecast showers never arrived. One of the nice things about summer is that the house is pleasantly warm for about 4 months. (Unpleasantly cold for the other 8 months though, brrr.)
In the morning I did paperwork and general tidying up. I didn't have to do my daily hoovering as I had done it at 2 in the morning. I couldn't sleep, had another hour until I could take any tablets so decided to creep up on the silverfish that live on one of the kitchen counters. These prehistoric creatures don't do any harm but I've noticed the numbers increasing and thought I'd better re-home them via the hoover. They're quite funny to watch, when we turn on the kitchen light they freeze then if you tap the counter they spiral round randomly sometimes falling over the edge to the floor. Once I'd got the hoover out I carried on and did my morning hoovering. Peter was fast asleep, too far away to be disturbed so that was one job done and out of the way. 
At school I had the year 1 classes. Today I was asking them for family stories out themselves, their parents or even grandparents. Not surprisingly we had a lot of wee and poo related baby stories which were funny but in the end I had to ban them before the class dissolved into utter chaos. After work I went shopping and amongst the things I got were some proper measuring spoons so I don't have to guess which of my teaspoons etc to use and having failed to find any bargains for the last hanging basket in the garden centre's Casualty Corner I found some slightly bedraggled double surfinias reduced by 70% in Tesco's. I've already planted them in the last hanging basket and hopefully they'll soon perk up.
PS The chicks in the roof space are completely unfazed by my piano playing.

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